Holiday Hurray


17, 18 & 19!

Need a perfect hostess gift?

This is it.

If you bring this bottle of wine guarenteed who ever gets it won’t be scrtaching there heads wondering which guest brought which bottle of wine!  Yours will stand out!

Winemakers notes:

Ripe black cherry and raspberry aromas. Round upon entry in the mouth, excellent balance. Supple, fine-grained tannins resolve nicely. Long, aromatic finish. If you ordered a bottle of Bordeaux in a nice Parisian bistro, it would taste like this.

Check it out here.. Swanson Vineyards

Ohhhh…. I wanna be CRAFTY!!

If you watched last weeks 52NEW involving Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments you know I am anything but!!

If I was.. I would want THIS  ——>

I did knit my Dad a scarf one year for Christmas.. it ended up looking like a 7 foot long pant leg, but Dad still wears it to walk the dog and says it’s very warm. (Dad’s can be so nice!)

For the crafty cutie in your house  go HERE!

Need a gift for a girlfriend going through a breakup?

Normally I’m not a big fan of negative imagery or anything that looks back rather than forward, but sometimes hard times can grow into a bit of a giggle and be cathartic all at the same time.

Probable not a great gift if they’re kids in the house.

Find it HERE

Kids can have fun at Christmas Dinner!

If you do have kids in the house, this is a great plan to keep them busy during Christmas dinner! If you are feeling really creative have the kids design place mats for the “grown ups” table before dinner to keep them entertained and away from the presents!

Find them HERE!