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52 NEW Combine Adventure (1)

While I wouldn’t describe myself as a “city slicker” I am not a full on “farm girl” either. I was lucky enough to spend a few summers spending a considerable amount of time on a farm where I took riding lessons and mucked out more then a few stalls, and have always swayed more to being a “tom boy” but […]


52NEW ~ Powerlifting. Who would think I could pick up 270lbs?

On July 9th I participated in my very first Powerlifting Competition, it took place during the Okanagan Strength weekend being put on by Naturally Fit and Predator Barbell. I met some very nice and very strong people! Must of us are unaware that we have world, national and regional champions right here in the Okanagan.  I had the privilege to […]


52NEW ~ Susan vs the rowing machine!

Here’s the deal. I KNOW cardio is an important part of anyones work out plan no matter what the over all goal is. Let’s face it a strong heart is a good thing. Plus good cardio just comes in handy, walking the stairs at work, joining girls for a walk up Knox mountain, touring around Paris on foot, and running […]