Toque of the day!

-20 again this morning!

It looks like the last super chilly day at least for a week or so!

So this will be the last “Toque of the Day” until the temperature starts to dip down again.

I received this toque when I did the first run of the road race series in Lavington. I had been training and this was the first run of the season.

It was in February.

They said it was flat.

There was snow.

I ran with my friend Melissa who had a PB and totally rocked it. I on the other hand was dealing with the fact I didn’t understand the definition of the word flat. The highlight of the race was probably at the end, I had been running with a younger lady who I would pass.. then she would pass me and so on and so on.. we got to the end of the race.. I started my sprint to early and she ended up passing me at the finish line, at which time I believe I muttered something about respecting your elders and giving the old lady a break.

Just for fun, meet my crew that bundles up for the cold as well! This is Misty and Tink in their doggy booties and jackets, which they hate!