It’s a tattoo story…


I have been fascinated by tattoo’s ever since I can remember, I always wondered about the stories they told and loved the “bad ass” feel. While I enjoyed sneaking a peak at the stereotypical tattoo’ed dude that came my way I was fascinated by the not so typical tattoo’ed people that would cross my path, to me their was always something sophisticated about a tattoo discovered on an unexpected person. 


Tattoo’s have become much more common place in the last 5 years, but they still hold a fascination for me, I wonder about the meaning to the person with the tattoo and the journey the person has been on since they acquired their “time stamp.”  


That is what my tattoo’s are to me. Time stamps. I instinctively know when it’s time to mark my journey through life. 


My first tattoo is a typical and traditional “tramp stamp” I have a fun, funky, dragon holding a rose on my lower back. I always know I have a perfect pair of jeans when my dragon is peering over the waist band. My first tattoo was “inked” in Squamish BC. It was the start of a new chapter in my life. I was newly married, moved across the country from my family, started a new job, and truly felt “on my own.”  This tattoo isn’t the finest art work and the skill level of the tattooist is suspect, but I do not regret it in the slightest.


Tattoo number 2 was done in Victoria and is the asian character for dragon with the addition of an orange star. I often call this my… “getting a tattoo to soon after a divorce to make a point” tattoo. The tattoo artist suggested I wait a bit but I was determined. Like the first tattoo this one was put in a spot that wasn’t as noticeable, often people can know me for months and months before noticing I have it! This one is on the inside of my left ankle. Would I ever get another tattoo like this one? If I could go back in time and get something different would I? Probably. Do I regret it or would I change it or have it removed? No. It marks an important “time stamp” as I struggled to figure out who I was and where I fit in. 


On to Tattoo number 3. My “surfer girl” on my left thigh.   This tattoo is a celebration. So many wonderful things have happened in Kelowna. I re married to a wonderful man, I was part of a number 1 morning show, new wonderful friends and reconnected with old friends, I was/am challenging myself to new adventures and discovered that I love to wake surf. Wakesurfing was the first “sport” that I have ever felt any natural ability at, hence my next “Time Stamp” as I celebrated this wonderful time in my life.


Tatt number 4 I also had done in Kelowna. This is a tribute to two very special friends. Within months I had to say goodbye to Barkley my malamute/lab cross who had been by my side since my Squamish days and also my darling Shalighleigh who was an SPCA special. Both dogs died with me by their sides. It still hurts and I miss them everyday.  This tattoo, while not small is on the top of my right foot.. two dog collars with angel wings, and can be shown off or hidden. 


Tattoo number 5 is the reason for this 52NEW. It’s my “I can do anything” tattoo. Why is this tattoo different? This tattoo (for me) embraces the original “bad ass” appeal mixed with the sophistication of the unexpected. My tattoo is from the You Tube video of me dead lifting at my first power lifting meet and it’s on my left forearm. It is the boldest tattoo I have and the only “black and grey” one I have as well. In order for me to feel comfortable with this tattoo I had to have it done by someone and somewhere that I would feel comfortable and confident. This wasn’t a tattoo that would be tucked away. This tattoo would be seen when I was in a formal dress and all summer long as I am often in short sleeves. This tattoo would be visibly to employers, potential clients for my communications company, and my Mother. This had to be more than good. This tattoo, while not my last, was taking my fascination with “ink” to the next level. 


Thanks to Danielle at “Don’t Look Down” tattoo number 5 is exactly what I needed it to be.  Sexy, fun, sophisticated and a perfect reflection of the moment in time when I realized that I still have hidden super powers waiting to be discovered. 


Watch Danielle at Don’t Look Down show off her super powers! 



A couple questions answered.


Does it hurt: Yes. The top of my foot was the worst and my thigh was the easiest, but all of them hurt.


Do I regret any of them: Please reread blog above. No. I do not regret any of my tattoos. 


Will I get another: Yes.


Where do I recommend to get a tattoo done: Visit the tattoo places in town, find one where you feel comfortable and talk to the artists doing the work. Make sure you are on the same page. Obviously I am very happy and will send anyone that asks to “Don’t Look Down” You will find them on St. Paul just off of Bernard. The shop is bright, open, inviting and super friendly from the desk staff to the artists.


How old should you be: This question gets brought up a lot. I think you should be out on your own and not only paying for your own tattoo but also able to make the decisions (what it is/where to get it etc) on your own. This is for you, not anyone else. Obviously there is an exception to every rule.


Do I worry about being 80 and having a tattoo: No.