Really how hard can it be?

Turns out not that hard, at least in a well lit warm and dry garage!

This week I was challenged by Bruce Stranaghan at Okanagan Car Care / Integra Tire to learn how to change a tire!  I happily agreed for two reasons. 1, Bruce is a really good guy and makes me laugh so spending some time with him is never a bad thing and 2, I have always felt somewhat guilty for not knowing how to change a tire!

We all have those things that we KNOW we should learn how to do.. BUT….

It’s amazing that I have never needed this skill before, and as I mentioned in the video I just always thought that in an emergency situation I would figure it out!

Here’s a highlite of what I learned..

1. You can use your foot (and body weight) to get a lug nut off

2. There is a special place to put the jack behind the tire

3. It takes longer than I thought and there is no way you can do this and stay clean

which brings me to point number 4..

4. In the trunk have a gym bag with a tarp, a pair of running shoes, a flashlight, a water proof jacket and a pair of gloves.

It just kept running through my mind while I was doing this how much it would really stink to have to change a tire on the side of the connector on a rainy night. It also kept running through my mind that I would of been MORTIFIED if I had been unable to do it because I had never taken the time to learn. My “I am women hear me roar” would of been a bit more of a whimper!

Do you want to learn?

Bruce offers workshops so you can learn how to change a tire and other handy car type things! Okanagan Car Care/Integra Tire even does Woman’s workshops if that would make you feel more comfortable! Visit their online home for more information