Good Will & Ego


We have all heard the phrase, “Pay it forward.” Do something good for someone and help the love/goodness/joy/charity move forward.


Here is where I think it gets derailed;

When you tell someone to do it!

Doing good things for other people is wonderful! Perhaps you plug a meter, buy someone a coffee, or help carry groceries to a car, but expecting the recipient of your good will to do the same for another, or worse, telling them to do it, defeats the purpose.

OK.. if someone was insisting to pay you or do something for you in return, in this moment, I get saying “No, that’s ok.. maybe down the road you can help someone else the same way..” but if you leave a note telling them what you did and advising them to “pay it forward” or without prompting when they say “Thank you” you once again spout off that they should now go into the world and follow your example and “pay it forward” just seems to take away from the whole principle of doing something for someone that needs it base on good will and good will alone.

It has occurred to me that even in our strive to be “better” people we may have veered off the path a bit. My perception, is that the whole point, is good will without expectation.

Can you do that?

I find it hard. I can pretend that I don’t want to be recognized for what I have done, but deep inside.. I do.

I am a work in progress.

I’m a big believer in “Fake it, till you make it” my gestures are heartfelt and sincere, and my motivation is about 75% pure.. the last 25% is the remaining battle with my ego.

Charity is another concept I think we need to work on. Do you donate? That’s great! Do you donate enough that you have to adjust your lifestyle?

True charity should hurt a bit.

That is a another blog all together!

If you are looking to get invovled and would like to give or help in some way.. here are 3 great things happening in the Okanagan to check in with:


Steve and I are part of this years “Swinging With The Stars!” It would be great if you could help support Hospice Kelowna and the wonderful work they do! Please check the web page and if you would like to donate, scroll down to the “Donate Now” button under the write up about our team!

Any donated amount is appreciated and will get a tax receipt.


Meet Rebecca Bootsman.

She is amazing, wonderful, talented, brave and bald.

Rebecca has Alopecia.

It’s time for us to learn more about Alopecia and better yet for Rebecca to teach us!

Check out her You Tube channel HERE

Meet Bob Purdy.

He is about as cool as a dude can get.

You may have spotted Bob out on Lake Okanagan on his stand up paddle board!! Everyday this year Bob has pledged to to be on the water on his board paddling. He is raising awareness and money for the “David Suzuki Foundation.”

Learn more HERE!