52NEW: Tu Tu Hot For You!

I managed to scratch a few things of my 52NEW list in one day! This weekend I participated in the “City Chase” which involved a series of challenges all over the city and the only way you could get to them was on foot or by transit.

I raced with Ian Mackinnon. Ian. Is. Awesome.  I have always wanted to do one of this events, but have always been so self conscious about my lack of physical fitness that I always declined because the last thing I wanted to do was let someone down due to my inability to keep up.

Lesson: I am still super self conscious about not doing “well” and putting the “but I had fun” smile on my face”

I warned Ian.   He said he was OK with my lack of ability and just wanted to have fun. So we signed up as a team and prepared to take the city by storm!

I figured if perhaps we wouldn’t be moving as fast as the other teams, we should at least look good.. or look… fun! Time to break out the Tu Tu’s!! (Calowna Costumes rock) We met some great ladies right off the top that helped us come up with our team name: Tu Tu Hot 4 U!!

Lesson: I have gained some confidence with my new strong body and didn’t feel “fat” even in this get up!

Ian doing a little dance and a great job as MC

Getting warmed up!

Lindsay and Christina ready to go!

Lindsay and Christina ready to go!

Once that was done the race was on… Ian and I raced to the first check point at Flashbacks to get our list of “clues” we had some challenges we “had” to do and others we could choose between. It appeared the first thing we had to do was race up Knox Mountain.

This is the moment when I should be writing this: WOW. I knew that it would be tough because I try to go up Knox with my bootcamp a couple times a week, even if I would be embarrassed because I would be so slow we went for it and got it done!

Instead I write this: Aw Crap. NO WAY. I was unnerved enough no way was I going to start by heading up Knox with all these fit people and show just how slow I am!

Lesson: I really don’t like going uphill on foot fast.

Instead we made the biggest mistake of the race which set us back.. wayyyyy back from the get go. We walked all the way to the Sandman Hotel to do the repel.

Why didn’t we take the bus? I figured it would be faster to walk it (About 8K) then wait for a bus.  I was wrong, but along the way Ian and I had a chance to learn more about each other and share fun stories about the past and hopes for the future. It really was interested to get to know Ian a bit better!

Lesson: I REALLY don’t like relying on other people aka: the bus. I will always default to “just doing it myself”

Only one of us got to repel so we played “rock, paper, scissors” and I WON!! Time for me to take the elevator up to the penthouse.. and come down the OUTSIDE of the building!

Lesson: You know that saying “The first step is the hardest?” It’s true. There was a very brief moment when this ran threw my mind; “our you out of your mind they can’t hold you up you are too heavy and the rope will break and you will fall to your death and most likely land on Ian and kill him as well”

but that voice was silences I took a deep breath and did it!

Next up, we went to Mitsubishi dealership.  Where we had to pull a car!  One of us had to steer, the other pull. Everyone seemed to think that Ian would be pulling and I would be steering.  Think again!!

Thanks To Ryan at Idol fit I knew that I had this. It was fun to listen to everyones exclamations of surprise as I put on that harness and started moving that car without hesitation!

Lesson: I might not be able to run more than 30 feet with any speed but I am freakin’ STRONG!

Next up we got over to Orchard Park to get on the bus and head to the CNC. The clue indicated that we needed to “Dare to Bare!” We both laughed figuring someone would be stripped down to their undies for something…

On this bus we met up with many many many other teams.. who had completed far more tasks than us. I felt REALLY bad.

So we get to the CNC and take on the challenge in which someone had to WHAT?????!!!???? One person had to strip down to NOTHING, and the other had to draw a picture of them.

Here is our picture:

Lesson: While I can talk the talk about not being shy or a prude I could of done without seeing Ian’s man parts, and that I have a husband with an excellent sense of humor. BTW: Ian wears a size 111/2 shoe.

The following challenges involved us donning flak jackets and helmets for some boot camp activities, putting with a banana while tied together, riding “striders” having balls thrown at my head, and discovering my blood type.

Lessons: I will never be in the military and army rations aren’t half bad, putting with a banana is fun, I will never own a strider and should really listen to my inner voice screaming, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR TURN AROUND, I can hold a squat for a long time, and my blood type is A+.

If you are counting you will see we are only at 8 of the 10 tasks. Due to the mistake off the top, a missed turn on the striders and my inability to move faster than a brisk walk we crossed the finish line in the allotted time but 2 challenges short.

Lesson: I will focus on running this fall and winter. I know dropping the weight will play a big role which will make it not as discouraging come fall.

It was really a fun day, mostly because Ian was such a good partner and while encouraging me to move faster rarely used guilt as a motivator! The other racers (outside of one typical grouch competitive no fun dude) were all fun and encouraging.  Kelowna is a great city for an urban race like this, YOU should do it next year for sure! Not only will you learn something new about yourself by pushing personal boundaries but you will have some old school fun!

Lesson: Compete in City Chase 2012