How goes your road to health and fitness? Are you “Rocking it” GREAT for you if you are!! Sometimes I feel like I am, sometimes I feel like the only rocks belong to a landslide that I am under. I usually wrap up my pity parties pretty quickly and get back at it.

This weekend I had a chance to put these new muscles to work doing something I love — WAKESURFING! Yes, the water was chilly.. strike that.. the water was FREEZING but it was worth every goosebump to be out again on a board behind the boat!

Friends with a boat, sunshine, and a fabulous new board from Liquid Force called the “fish” made my first wakeboard of the season just perfect!

I popped out of that water like a cork sabared from a bottle of sparkling wine and had the rope out of my hands in minutes and was surfing better than I had all last season. Yes, Squats make a difference, as does the most stable board I have ever ridden.

If I need any inspiration to keep going (besides the power lifting competition in July) the feeling I had behind that boat was it.

I promised this blog would be honest so I will share with you the downside.. after feeling like superwomen behind that boat and on that board I took a peak at some quick pictures my husband took while I was on the water. All I saw was a big butt, large hips and a stomach that stuck out from under my life vest.

*head shake*

*deep breathe*

As a friend recently quoted for me from a book she was reading we have to start looking at ourselves as “people” not “bodies”

It takes a second, but with further reflection I could also see in that picture, my smile, my strong shoulders, my happy toes, and a woman surfing a board with confidence and glee.

I will keep working to make both these visions come in to line.

I have added “Hot Yoga” into the mix at “Moksha Yoga” and will also be doing another bootcamp with Idol Fit along with my powerlifting. The Across The Lake Swim is quickly approaching so swim time is a must!!

With thanks to Okanagan Naturopathic Healthcare my plantar fasciitis is on the road to recover, I am not comfortable enough yet to do any running, so I will be Emceeing this year for the Ladies Run with Fresh Air Experience but not participating.

If you are a runner I was talking to Dr. Liz at Creative Healing, she was telling me some wonderful things that chiropractic care can do for runners! Make an appointment with her to find out more!

So my major goals for this summer include:

The Across the Lake Swim
Powerlifting Competition
Wakesurf from Vernon to Pentiction (Yup that will take about 10 hours)
To look at a picture of me on the water and feel good about both what I am doing and how I look doing it.

What are your goals for this summer??

BTW: If you are thinking of doing an “Idol Fit” Boot Camp check out these testimonials!

Top 3 Testimonial/s from last 4 week Bootcamp:

******Heather Pullein

Large hill climb — 7:27—- 6:59 sec
Pushups — 8 full/15knee —- 16 toe/27 knee
Centimeters lost— 28cm

******Collette Mayne

Small hill sprint 4:21 —- 3:47 —- 3:22 sec
Lunge pumps 35————- 115 a side
Pushups 20 full/10 knee —- 35 full/10 knee
Centimeters lost 17cm

Idol Fit Testimonial #3 from the last bootcamp

****** Deb Chesney

Large hill climb 8:42—- 7:53—- 7:11—- sec
Pushups 50full /6knee—- 60full /12 knee
Centimeters lost 23cm