Hey honey, look at my A$$!

We all want people to notice when we start to change our body shape for the better. Sometime the response isn’t exactly what we would expect!  I have a girlfriend that has been working really hard to get into better shape and fit into a smaller pair of jeans, and her husband noticed!! He mentioned that she was slimming down and looking great and he could tell because her skin was getting saggier.

WHAT?!? Excuse me?!?

Thank goodness she has an excellent sense of humour and understand her husband really well. He may of said, “he could tell because her skin was getting saggier”  but what he meant was “Honey you are working so hard and it is showing, I notice you look different and you are always beautiful to me!”
There is that time when you are working out and working on nutrient when it just seems to pause, right on the brink… The weight hasn’t really started to come off and you are toning up so you are putting on muscle. This is the stage right before your body determines that it needs to devour up more fat to help support those new found muscles, so you just feel.. well.. bulky.
That is where I am at the moment.  Everything is going super well, my nutrition is lining up and my work outs are going fantastically well but I just feel a bit bulky…I know what is on the other side of all this work.. but sometimes you just want to find life’s fast forward button.
Mind you..
Last night I had a bit of a surprise. I was heading for the shower, and in our bathroom we have huge mirrors that I always try to avoid looking in as I prance naked into the shower.
Last night I accidentally ended up sneaking a peak.
As my leg lifted to get into the shower my rear end was featured in the mirror.
I stopped. I stared. I screamed.. and proceeded to run into the living room screeching at my husband.. “Honey, look at me A$$.. seriously.. look at my a$$.”

Realize my poor man has just been pulled away from watching poker on TV by a screaming half crazed naked wife demanding him to look at her butt.
He remained calm as I presented him with my backside.
“Can you see it” I asked with excitement!

“Honey, can you see it”
With careful consideration he replied. “Well, it’s kinda hard to miss”
I peered over my shoulder at my carefully positioned back end and explain that I think that just maybe the lunges are making a difference because I am pretty sure my butt, while still large, has developed a bit of a “hook” like a capital C.. my “junk in the trunk” has a touch more definition!
To which Steve replies. “Ummm.. remember I have no depth perception my dear, I just see.. well.. your bum.”
I dissolve in giggles as I realize I am shoving my butt in my husbands eye line and he can’t even see what I am talking about because well.. he really can’t see it!
Steve instructs me to stand sideways.
*High 5’s all around* as he confirms from that angle he can indeed see a difference! He then proceeds to order me to get into the shower and stop scaring the dogs and neighbours.
I really should check the blinds before sprinting into the livingroom naked and demanding a butt inspection.
Never a dull moment around here!

Welcome to 2011!