I need feminism

Did the title scare you away?

Please stay and give me a moment, this will be quick and only a smidge painful.

I battle with the title feminist because of preconceived notions that don’t fully embrace what a feminist is.

Here is the definition:  The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

That makes sense, right? Right.

The devil my friends, is in the details.

This weekend it smacked me right in the face. The kind of smack that leaves you internally gasping for breathe and clarity while on the outside smiling and remaining calm.

I met the sweetest older lady in a family setting, someone that is cared about and respected by people I care very much for. She has a wonderful smile and twinkle in her eye that indicates she is interested in the world around her and perhaps has insight that others might not realize.

She was taking the time to get to know me and ask about my life, upon discovering that I worked in radio she hoped that I could talk with a younger relative who was interested in the business about what was required. I was flattered and quickly told her I would be very happy to share some thoughts.

What happened next should of been premeditated by a darkening sky, a roll of thunder and even perhaps that deep cold feeling that leaves you wondering if something supernatural is joining you in the room.

This lovely older lady inquires about salary and if it was possible “for a man” to make a living as a radio host, “for a man” to be able to support a family.

Words came out of my mouth. Well trained, appropriate words from the part of me that was throwing up thoughts that included a variety of reason why she would ask that question in that way. Other responses were also at the ready but somewhere along the line maturity has crept into my soul and my inner Gloria Steinem took a back seat.

Husband Steve did get to hear all the other words on the drive home.

We have come so far. So very very very far.  Yet, we still have so far to go. The gender wage gap is real and it’s thought patterns from the sweetest of people that keep the fight of feminist necessary.