Kids these days!

What a wonderful gift.

I always try to stay positive in life. I daily remind myself that I have a choice of how I view the world, my community, my workplace, my homelife, and myself.  I long ago tossed out my rose coloured glasses but my rose tinted glasses remain. I choose to think the best of people, situations and experiences. I choose to search for a positive, and when I am too blinded by pain to find that positive I hold fast to the belief that whatever this pain is the purpose it serves is for a greater good down the road.

Seeing this attitude reflected back to me from two girls that didn’t seem to know any other way was refreshing and wonderful.

This lovely experience happened during the Q103.1 Ladies Night Surf with Rayburns Marine. Carrie Broughton had won the opportunity to come wake surfing with The Big Breakfast and Rayburns and bring along 4 ladies with her. She choose her daughter, her niece, and life long friend Melody. None of this bunch had surfed before. I geared up for the usually apprehension and slight negative attitude that I often find (even from the most positive people) when they are learning something new.

Well, not that night!

Fabulous Surf CrewIt wasn’t the over the top determination/competitiveness that often masks nerves, it was just a solid positive attitude combined with good spirit and excitement with a tinge of “what have I gotten myself into’ness.”

As we got one of the girls ready to go I ask if she was nervous.. her reply. “Yup! Let’s do this!” Into the water she jumped. No need to teach her the “feel the fear and do it anyway”  mantra she was that philosophy in action.



Another of the young ladies, after toppling into the water and basically having me land on top of her, popped out of the water giving two thumbs up and exclaiming “Did you see that! I was surfing!”

It was pure and utter joy.

As the couple hours we were on the water continued it became very apparent that this attitude was a family trait that also extend to the people they choose to be part of their world.

My job comes with many perks and opportunities to do things that not everybody gets and I love each special moment. That night will always be at the top of my best memories.

Thank you.