So I just finished reading a blog titled “My posthumous advice for my daughter,” it was funny and insightful! Give it a read if you get the chance. It did get me thinking, what advice would I leave? At which point I realized that my “daughter” is a dog and  my advice would be irrelevant unless it included how to escape from the kennel and avoid  at all costs getting nails clipped.

Sleeping dogs are the best!

Sleeping dogs are the best!

Let’s just pretend shall we…

Don’t let the grammar police stop you from expresses yourself in the written word ever. Yes, learn all you can about using language properly BUT don’t let the fear of those who love to correct the, there, their and they’re or then and than’s stand in your way. Typos happen and sometimes your brain goes on strike (sometimes for a few decades) do your best always but they are just insecure and it makes them feel better showing off how smart they are. Actually, you are doing a good deed giving them something to feel confident about for a fleeting moment! Go you! (I will say, if you notice a reoccurring error, a nicely worded private message is ok.)

Listen. Hell’s bells I do understanding wanting to share so badly your thoughts and solutions that you are going to just BURST! It’s like being in a vocal church service and the need to add to the chorus of Hallelujah and Amen’s! Stop. Shut down that ego and listen. Tip for making it a habit in meetings and such.. take notes and underline the questions that the monkey in your head is shouting at you.

Be curious about everything. EVERYTHING. Why do roses smell so good? Why does that man look so sad? How come Jupiter isn’t a planet and juniper smells like cat pee? Why does the weather make my knee hurt? How come that little girl won’t stop doing cartwheels? Find out the answers, ponder the questions the answers bring up! I do raise one flag of caution don’t let being inquisitive turn you into a cynic, being curious isn’t worth it if you never find joy. Let it fuel you to be solution driven and plugged in to the world around you.

Let others shine and be kind. Being centre stage and hearing that applause is one of the best feelings in the world, I encourage you to go for it; but please do not climb to the top on the backs of others. You will reach your goal and find yourself celebrating even greater success when you take the time to let others shine, plus what you will learn in helping them reach goals will be so valuable in your journey.

Never underestimate the power of a killer smile and to die for hair.  Enough said.

I have to add this one.

Start saving some money now. Use it to buy a house someday, to travel around the world, or start a charitable foundation but do it. Even just to learn that you can and how quickly it can grow when it becomes a habit is worth the effort.

Have I done any of these things? Well…. some to a better degree then others for sure. I have played with the concepts enough to understand that they will make a difference in the quality of your life. I was really tempted to add “avoid judgment” but that one is so tough and I was going for an achievable list.

What would you add to the list? 

BTW: I did add a few links through out this blog that I thought you might enjoy! 🙂

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