Remember this?

Last week on the “big show” we were talking about interesting people you meet at the most random times. When asked about the interesting people, most responded with celebrity encounters; but that’s not what I was taking about. I mean everyday seemingly average people that unexpectedly intrigued you.

Just recently we had to have our Telus box replaced, since we moved to Calgary our Cable guys have been a pretty boring bunch and generally unhelpful, and I was annoyed because I had been waiting, and waiting and waiting for his arrival. Well what a pleasant surprise to meet Chris he was friendly, talkative, knew what he was doing and had an interesting story. He has lost a massive amount of weight, has cool tattoos (with stories) has had more then a few interesting job and has just started writing a blog about burgers!  Check out his bog —-> HERE

My favourite story of the week was probably when I hit the gym in my condo building for my daily “comfy cardio” we only have one treadmill and it was in use, I ask how much longer she had to go, the answer 10 minutes. I said OK, thanks I will come back down.  Wendy she took one look at my face and knew that if I left I wouldn’t be returning and she hopped on a bike and handed over the treadmill. We ended up chatting and it was Wendy Belanger the mind behind Influence Salons. SUPER nice and had many wonderful stories to tell about her experiences around the world… up next she is one of the stylists at the VMA’s! You can check out her salon — > HERE and yes, I went in to try it out and now have OUTSTANDING red hair 🙂

Have you met anyone interesting later? If the answer is no, I suggests you start taking to people. I am the crazy lady that chats to everyone on the elevator (pretty sure some people dread seeing me when the door opens) I meet wonderful, interesting and sometimes down right crazy people almost everyday. You can to!

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