Holiday Hurray

Day 21


Gifts are the hardest to buy in the last couple of days before Christmas … for the people you want to make the best impression on!

The trend that seems to be the most appreciative these days is “experience” gifts. A trip on a hot air balloon, gift certificates for dinner and a movie or maybe a pottery class or better yet a trip to a far away place! That far away place might live in someones imagination or on a stage in town.

Cue Kelowna Actors Studio!

They have had an amazing run this season, really every season is good but somehow they seem to have risen the bar again!

Why not get someone a gift card for Kelowna Actors Studio? They can use it for classes, shows or even at the bar at the show!

This is one of those gifts that might just become a tradition for you to give year after year, which means next year at crunch time you won’t be in a twist about what to do!


Kelowna Actors Studio


This is just FUN!!

Yup.. those would be “The Grinch that Stole Christmas” Chucks.

You might not have them this Christmas but they are on sale and you will be SO excited to put them on next year!!

Check them out here