Come on be happy!

Yup I am bilingual.

I speak english and I speak another language fluently that drives much of my friends and family insane; hypothetical.

That’s right. Hypothetical.

…a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena…

Learning to speak this language gave me a wonderful gift. It gave me a way to escape from my brain and work on those empathy muscles.

Here is an example. You pull into a full parking lots and see this:

Parking gone wrong

Most people seem to think a few things off the top. Starting with:

What an inconsiderate ass! I am going to take a picture and spread it far and wide so everyone knows that horrible people like this are alive and are so selfish that they think they can  just do what they want when they want!

That might be the case.

or.. you can also speak hypothetical, which could take you down another path. Such as:

Oh No! I hope that person is OK! Obviously they are so distraught over something that they didn’t behave in a proper manner! Perhaps a family member is sick or has passed away…


Yikes! That person didn’t park very responsibly.. I wonder if they had to go to the bathroom REALLY badly and had reached the breaking point and just had to make a run for it?

Truly the person might be an ass, but perhaps not. I know what I would prefer to believe and that belief allows me to go through my day without my ego getting all riled about about something I can do nothing about. Thus making me a happier person!

You can apply this to many things. People’s driving skills, unbalanced family members, the rude lady in the coffee line or coworkers that seem to have a huge chip on their shoulder.

I admit sometimes I falter, but on the whole this approach allows me to live a happier life and helps me automatically think the best of people.

Give it a try for a month and see if it helps you be a happier person!