I took up knitting recently.

Sometimes I push aside the fact that I don’t learn the way other people do, sometimes the harsh reality of it sneaks up and smacks me over the head and I cry.

Big desperate frustrating crocodile tears.

It’s not the actually act of knitting that is causing my frustration. I understand that it takes practice to learn a new skill, some people pick it up faster then others but if you work at it you can make it happen. I have a slightly awkward looking scarf and a pile of dish clothes to prove that.

2014-01-25 23.41.44

It’s the remembering where I am at in a pattern that causes me issues. I don’t mean that I forget after putting it down and walking away for a day. I forget seconds after the last stitch in a row before I start the next row, and it happens row after row after row.

The easiest way around this is to simply write it down as I go.


We spend a great amount of time making sure kids are given the tools they need to deal with learning issues. It’s amazing how far that part of our educational system has come, but I want to take a moment and salute all those adults that still have to pick up those tools day after day and make life work. We have all developed tricks and “work arounds” to approach varies tasks depending on where are short comings fall, often the people around us have no idea.

Few people in my world aside from a couple close friends and family understand the full extent of my learning issues. I managed to read news for almost 7 years at my last job and that was a crap shoot every morning! My ability to translate written words to spoken words is more than slightly impaired. People take shots at my spelling and grammar on social media all the time, and have no idea that when tested I spell at a grade 4 level and it takes an amazing amount of self confidence for me to write anything in a public setting.

Sometimes I look at words and simply have no idea how to say it out loud. I AM A RADIO HOST. This causes issues, but not as many as you might think. I have to make sure I have enough sleep, keep focused and be in a positive state of mind. I have a lifetime of experience behind me at this point so most of the time I just “deal.”

but sometimes.. like tonight… it sneaks up on me.

I feel so stupid. I am not saying I am stupid, just simply that I FEEL stupid.

It occurs to me that as an adult with over 40 years of dealing with this, how hard it is for a 7 year old trying to figure out why they can’t keep up with their friends in class.  The hardest part is when you realize that this isn’t an issue that you can work past and will just go away, nope this puppy you get to play with for the rest of your life.

I have a visual-spatial learning issue, never ask me how many people are in a room or trust me with directions unless you have an excellent sense of humour and if you correct my spelling in a public setting realize that I might be smiling and laughing on the outside but inside it hurts.

I salute everyone that is working to the best of their abilities and tries to push that boundary regularly.  Just in case you need to hear it, you are doing a great job, keep it up.

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Ok.. I have some knitting to get back to.. thanks for listening.