Favourite Things 2014

Its become a bit of a tradition, leading up to Christmas I indulge and share with you some of my favourite gift ideas; yes, this was inspired by a slightly bigger celebrity than I.  This year when I post I am going to share 2 ideas on different ends of the budget spectrum.

On the upper end of the budget, but money well spent…

While many people remember Tarzan Dan as a voice on the radio, perhaps even from his days when we worked together as The Breakfast Club in Kelowna, or a TV personality counting down the hits on YTV, Dan also has a passion for photography. He specializes in dance photography and has started to garner some serious attention in the field, so much so that his work is featured on a line of bags from Totem Bags. If you have a dancer in your life, or someone that just loves everything ballet this is for you!

dan dance bag


Take a look at the full line of bags ——  HERE

BTW: You can still find Dan on the radio in Calgary at KOOL FM

From the lower end of the budget…

Give Santa a hand with stocking stuffers, I swear by this smiling face! It seems crazy but this is the best pot scrubber ever! It softens in hot water and hardens in cold plus it offers scratch free scrubbing! You can find it at Home Outfitters and most other places that sell kitchen stuff and it’s under $10.00.

2014-11-25 19.19.10Another excellent feature, your fingers fit perfectly in the eyeballs!