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Strange Museums

Might as well start making plans for when we can travel again.. 2023’ish??? Here are some of the world’s strangest museums. • The Instant Ramen Museum in Japan. In 1958 — after a year of experimenting in his backyard shed— Momofuku Ando invented the world’s first instant noodles: Chicken Ramen. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum documents this chapter of […]


All The Beauty Of Fall!

What fun!! Posh Jewellery is a big supporter of The Q103.1 Big Breakfast with Susan Knight and John Stone and recently she let me loose on the Pandora charms to create a fall themed bracelet. What fun!! Here is my beauty! The thinking behind it was my favourite colours of fall along with traditional things like wine, Thanksgiving, leaves, apples, back […]


New Year Resolution. It’s a good one!

New Year, the time of resolutions and life changes! There are a million blogs on how you can keep them, what they should or shouldn’t be and why they are a good idea or bad. I will leave those debates to others. I often have used the New Year to kick my butt into gear to do some of the […]


Christmas Countdown Hottest Gift of 2014

What Really?? I found out this weekend what gift has been selling out and has people scrambling to find for under the tree… I admit.. it’s a bit of a head shaker..   That is a “selfie stick” while I may mock the whole idea, it is pretty handy for group shots and other creative fun ideas. Plus if you […]


Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown continues with fun gift ideas from both end of the budget! I LOVE this concept.. it’s art and it’s personal! DNA11 is a super cool company that takes your DNA, fingerprints or lip prints and turns it into art! Even better, it’s a Canadian company! How much fun would it be to stake out your side of the […]