As the kids like to say.. “for serious.”

What is the secret to that I discovered? How to keep my house clean.

I am the WORST housekeeper. My reputation for not giving a flying fig newton is almost legendary when it comes to keeping a home looking lovely. In the past I had but one solution. Hire someone. If it fits into your budget it’s like a gift from God.

Well.. as I am no longer employed the budget has reached a new level of importance in our life. Plus I am busy creating and planning the next steps in the odyssey that is my life. To do that I need a space that doesn’t constantly remind me of how dissolved everything feels. I had two options; #1 find somewhere else to work or #2 tackle this issue head on.

I did both. I can work in the “lounge” of my condo building and bring my own tea or head down the street to an actually coffee house and set up my lap top with the rest of the space seekers. What I don’t like about this is that we have two fun dogs (Misty and Tinkerbell) who I enjoy spending time with, and really if I am at home during the day we might as well spend it together.

Don't they look excited?

Don’t they look excited?

Which brings us to the secret of “keeping house.”


Time is the secret! I have not had this much available time in the last 20  30 EVER years.

It is amazing what someone can get done when the hours stretch in front like train tracks across the prairies. Suddenly I live in a home that can handle surprise visitors! I will be the first to admit that my standards are pretty low in this department, parts of our home would still drive a few of my friends totally bonkers but it works for us.

Will this continue in my life? Tough call. I will say maybe. When the budget allows I will always be very comfortable spending a certain amount on having someone else take care of this. Everyone has skills might as well celebrate what mine are and embrace the person with a different set!