The tough make sure they have fabulous hair! 

It’s one of the simple things you can do when you are feeling blue, need a change, or a confidence boost.

It’s amazing. Great hair can save the day. Perhaps you are wearing “those” pants, the ones you are sure make your butt look misshapen, or you forgot to wear the lipstick you never go without, or you have been balling your eyes out over a break up and just want to stay at home under the covers. Having hair that rocks your world makes you feel like you are going to rock everyone else’s world, even on the worst day.

Having far too much fun!

Having far too much fun!

I have been blessed in this area. I think it’s because I really stink at styling my hair and learned early that I needed to find someone that I could trust with my mane and know that no matter what it would be fabulous. The extra shot of confidence that comes from great hair goes a long way when standing in front of an audience while MC’ing and event or introducing a band.

#1. Find a salon where EVERYONE is fabulous. That way if your regular stylist is off having a baby or on vacation you know you will still have the experience you are accustom to.  (Wendy Belanger the wonderful spirit behind Influence Salon has done an amazing job of this!)

#2. Make sure your stylist listen to you, but also make sure you listen to your stylist. They know what your hair can or can’t do. Trust me they want you to look fabulous because you are a walking billboard for their work.

#3. If you see someone that consistently has great looking hair, ask where they get it done and check out the salon to see if it would be for you.

The two things I get the most compliments on are my smile (thank you Dimension Dentistry ~ ) and my hair (Thank you Influence Salon) and I would highly suggest you check both those wonderful establishments out!