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So You Think You Can Skate

The 3 things I learned from our attempts to execute a skating dance program. The Big Breakfast decided to honour the arrival of Skate Canada International in Kelowna with an attempt at a dance program, yes, on skates. These athletes are amazing and what a great way to highlight just how amazing by attempting to do even a smidge of what they […]


Dear Kelowna

Well hello Kelowna! I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me. I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were […]


Dear Calgary

Dear Calgary, I loved you before I knew you. Something captured my imagination when I was a kid growing up in Ontario; when I moved to B.C. and drove through Calgary I knew one day I would be back, and just when I thought it wasn’t ever going to happen it did. My Calgary dream came true. But.. it’s time […]


Let them eat SOUP!

Some days you just know that you have flat out over indulged. You want to keep things in check… but you also know it’s important to eat and let’s face it; even if you stuffed your self at lunch chances are good around dinner you are still thinking about eating. My friend Karla sent me this great recipe for a […]



As the kids like to say.. “for serious.” What is the secret to that I discovered? How to keep my house clean. I am the WORST housekeeper. My reputation for not giving a flying fig newton is almost legendary when it comes to keeping a home looking lovely. In the past I had but one solution. Hire someone. If it […]


Cupid requests that you get over yourself

  I am a lucky gal.. a fabulous husband who in many ways is my best friend. I have friends that are envious of the relationship I have, and I don’t blame them! But here is a secret. We STINK at Valentines Day. Actually we kind of stink at romance in general. It just worked out that way. There is […]