Math has never been a strong suit but this has nothing to do with math and everything to do with scales and clothing sizes. Often, when trying to be all “healthy” and show off our great attitude we will say.. “it’s not the number on the scale that matters, it’s the size of the clothes!” Righttttttttt… in some way that does sound like a better attitude after all many people can lose tons of inches before the pounds begin to come off.

But.. what if you are training… training for something that will cause serious muscle growth?

Let me start by saying that if you have extra fat on your body and you want to lose it, awesome! With any “program” that can be done. Also as much as I am frustrated with our obsession with scales and clothing size I do recognize that having a reference of measurement is also important.

But take a moment and step back. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and start sorting through your soul, why do you want to “lose weight” or “drop clothing sizes?” What is your motivation? Health, vanity, a sports goal, to fit in, to make shopping easier, or maybe just to shut up the nattering monkey in your head?

What ever it is, look it in the eye, size it up, embrace it and see it for what it is. Understand what the point is behind the motivation, the more you understand the why, the easier it is to make it happen. ALSO this is a BIG one.. picture the body you want.. now… is that picture of a person who is a foot taller than you, or an Olympic athlete?? You get my point. Setting yourself up for failure is just stupid. (I rarely if ever use the word stupid .. so you know it’s really STUPID if I say that.)

When I do some of the messy work and look into all the ugly corners I can tell you where my motivation comes from.

Vanity ~ I want a head to snap around when I walk on the beach in a bikini or down the street in a hot pair of jeans, I want people to be confused when I tell them how old I am. I want my friends and husband to show me off.

A Sports Goal ~ Super Hero training is in full effect. I want to set records as a powerlifter.

To fit in ~ People can be mean. I hate being judged by my size. Big or small it’s annoying.

Easy Shopping ~ It’s hard enough being 5 feet tall.. but also being on the upper end of sizes in a regular store and the low end of plus sizes can make shopping a nightmare! I can’t ever just grab something and go!

Natter Monkey ~ Issues from family and youth.. society telling me I will never be tall enough, skinny enough or fit enough..

Notice what isn’t on my list? Yup. Health. Why? No idea. Do I want to be healthy? Of course I do.. is it a big motivator for me? Nope. I told you I would be honest.

Here’s what is interesting. All of these things can be acquired without the scale/clothing number being the finish line.

I have seen ladies much larger then me totally rock the beach.. so perhaps I also need to look at my sense of style and how I dress this body I have. My sports goal? I will have legs like tree trunks my jean size will not be petite if I want them to wrap around a powerlifters butt and hamstrings. To fit in? Seriously? I need to get over myself big time. Easy Shopping.. I need to accept that will never happen and as for the nattering monkey.. well that’s what a goof friend is for.

I promised my SHC (Super Hero Coach – yes that is you Michele) that I would not stand on a scale until she said to. I will need to as I am working on getting into a specific weight category to qualify for Nationals next year. But strangely enough it has finally sunk in.. 120 or 150 or even 170lbs BMI is a crock. My health and soul isn’t about the number, there are way too many other factors that mean more.  I will be talking on this blog about what I am eating and why.. but no quick fixes here.. I have a goal and that goal isn’t a number. The number will just be an unimportant by-product.

I just want you to know that any “program” with a focus on the number, and the number alone, just might be holding you back from being the truly wonderful “you” that you are supposed to be! Most of us have a friend or two that are so focused on the number they don’t see how gaunt they have become, how hushed people are about how they look, or how the jokes about eating something have taken a serious edge of concern. If you haven’t eaten your favourite food in months, if you look down on others who are eaten one of your “forbidden” foods, if you are unforgiving of yourself, or if a day doesn’t go by without you standing on a scale perhaps it’s time to sit down with someone you trust and make sure that you are on the right track. If you need help or even just want to explore the possibility visit this webpage for more info:

*disclaimer* I agree there is a weight point where your focus should be weight loss! If you are looking at losing more then 100 pounds ~ first off ~ WOOP WOOP You go! Second ~ Consult a doctor I am sure that to start the focus will be number driven! (In case you are wondering. I have lost more than 100 pounds on my journey to be the me I want so I “get it.”)

*Body Builders* I know this REALLY doesn’t apply to you in the same way.. your %of body fat has to be low low low.. but you can do it in a way that won’t make you ill. Ask for Nathan at The Athlete Factory he can explain more.

* Please remember these are the rambling thoughts of a radio announcer not a health proffessional!