In the name of the selfie

In light of all the mental health talk that is going around as people try to wrap their minds around the death of Robin Williams, I took stock of my own metal health to determine where I was standing and if I needed to reach out for some assistance.

The list is fairly extensive but all in all I am doing pretty good with an excellent support system when things go sideways.

Yet, something did stand out.

Something that has been nibbling away in the back of my mind like an evil rat with an eye patch (much different then the cute mouse ala Ralph and the Motorcycle) with reflection I thought addressing it in this blog for the wonderful blogspere to consume and ponder might be a good thing.

First off. I like selfies.

I pretty much love them.

I enjoy seeing your smiling face in different places with different friends doing random things. I like seeing your new shoes and what you had for lunch, I even enjoy the odd fitness selfie when you are working your tail off and proud of your determination and effort.

On that note I myself like to take selfies of day to day life and post them with the spirit in which I enjoy other people’s. I’m not talking an overload of of a dozen a day.. usually one or two daily depending on what’s going on.

At least that was my old fun.

Until SHE came along.

SHE was snippy on the station FB page about a few things.. and turned attention to my selfie habit and said something rude, condescending and generally uncalled for. I dealt with the negativity but rationalizing her behaviour as; SHE is having a bad day, SHE is unhappy with her life, SHE needs someone to snipe at otherwise SHE would have to look at her own life and take stock, SHE can’t get past her own ego.

I thought I had moved on.

The other day someone (that I don’t know that well) said to me; “I miss your pictures on the FaceBook page and instagram, they always made me smile, why did you stop?”


One nasty little SHE had gleefully snuck in and made my behaviour change, and SHE made it change instantly!  Yet I mulled over this positive comment for days before deciding that I would once again embrace my fun loving selfie ways.

Negitive comment = instant change in a behaviour I have no problem with.

Postive comment = slow thought and consideration before going back to something I never had a problem with.


That is just not right. So to that special SHE that apparently had some power over me, I will take that power back thank you very much.

Return of the Selfie

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