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All The Beauty Of Fall!

What fun!! Posh Jewellery is a big supporter of The Q103.1 Big Breakfast with Susan Knight and John Stone and recently she let me loose on the Pandora charms to create a fall themed bracelet. What fun!! Here is my beauty! The thinking behind it was my favourite colours of fall along with traditional things like wine, Thanksgiving, leaves, apples, back […]


Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown continues with fun gift ideas from both end of the budget! I LOVE this concept.. it’s art and it’s personal! DNA11 is a super cool company that takes your DNA, fingerprints or lip prints and turns it into art! Even better, it’s a Canadian company! How much fun would it be to stake out your side of the […]


In the name of the selfie

In light of all the mental health talk that is going around as people try to wrap their minds around the death of Robin Williams, I took stock of my own metal health to determine where I was standing and if I needed to reach out for some assistance. The list is fairly extensive but all in all I am doing pretty […]


When the going gets tough the tough…

The tough make sure they have fabulous hair!  It’s one of the simple things you can do when you are feeling blue, need a change, or a confidence boost. It’s amazing. Great hair can save the day. Perhaps you are wearing “those” pants, the ones you are sure make your butt look misshapen, or you forgot to wear the lipstick […]