Dear SHC,

OK. I GET IT. (Mostly) On buzz feed today I came across how many calories athletes eat while training. It’s pretty amazing. Check out Elif Jale Yesilirmak.  She is a wrestler and packs away 3,000 Calories A Day!


Look at what is on that table! A mix of ALL food groups and categories! LOOK at how tiny she is and how much her skin and eye’s glow with health! LOOK at the size of that banana.. seriously, it’s a big banana.

In all honesty I understand eating like that when you are training and at your desired weight, my issue is when you are bigger than you want to be and working on leaning down and staying strong.

Michele (SHC) I can feel your eye’s rolling. Yes.. I need to food/calories/carbs so I can burn FAT and not muscle and continue to get strong and lean. I am slowly wrapping my head around this thought process… it’s a journey.. but at least a tasty one!

Check out the rest of the athletes and what they are eating HERE.

FYI: SHC = Super Hero Coach (Because I am pretty sure Michele is training me to be one)