I was doing some research looking for a stylist to talk to on air when I have fashion thoughts and questions and was checking out Kim Flanagan, she seems to be pretty awesome.. I haven’t talked with her yet but was clicking through her website and found this:

… reading Kelly Kutrone’s,“If You Have To Cry, Take It Outside.” (working on bringing her here…) and it confirmed the idea of Church my Style, It was crazy. Crazy awesome. Here’s why: Quote from the book.

“I’m asking you to start the church of you. I want you to refuse to pray or play at places that won’t let you speak or where your gender has no power. Or, fine, if you really have to go to these places, go with the intention of transforming them. I want you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and your destiny, conscious that you are not what you do, listening to your inner voice, refusing to let superficial things define you, asking yourself the hard questions about what you believe and what will serve, fighting the fears in your own mind, and finally, loving other women in the process.”

WOW. Just. WOW. I will say it again. WOW. That passage really resonated with me. Maybe it will for you to. I’ve got your back sister, go for it!