My newest favourite thing!!


I really like new and fun ideas that bring people together as a “community” even people you don’t necessarily know that well! Hence why I enjoy Twitter and Facebook so much!

Well.. combine the idea of a fun gift, with a sense of community and a dash of geocaching and this is just TOO COOL!

I present to you: The Friendship Bag!

Friendship Bag

Here is the concept.. you put a gift in the bag.. it’s perfect for wine but really you could put anything in it.. and you write a little note in the sweet book that goes in the front pocket. When the person receives it, they go online and register they got it with a special number that is in the tag and write a bit about who it was from and why etc.. after that.. they re-gift the bag to someone with a new gift inside and add to the little notebook on the front.. in turn that person registers on line.. it becomes it’s own story!!!

How wonderful!!! 🙂 Yes I am a bit of a smushy head.

Picture Perfect in Kelowna and Vernon have 50 of these bags and they sell for around $25.00. I am thinking this is a PERFECT hostest gift and conversation piece for Thannksgiving!!

Go in and get yours and be the coolest kid at the Thanksgiving table this year!

Have fun.. Susan