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holiday hurray

*LOVE* Literally.

Holiday Hurray Day 23 *LOVE* Are you a hopeless romantic? If the answer is yes these pillow cases are for you!   From Urban Outfitters: Signs of love. Set of two standard pillowcases topped with silhouette hands spelling out L-O-V-E.      


On angel wings and pretty rings…

Holiday Hurray Day 22! I am having SO much fun with this I almost don’t want Christmas to arrive!   Check out this ring.. with a very cool message. The ring reads: TIME DOESN’T CHANGE THINGS YOU CHANGE THINGS IN TIME Strikes me as a perfect best friend gift! Find it HERE. Have you centered your shopping for the holidays […]


Really. That’s JUST COOL! Holiday Hurray!

  Holiday Hurray Day 21   Gifts are the hardest to buy in the last couple of days before Christmas … for the people you want to make the best impression on! The trend that seems to be the most appreciative these days is “experience” gifts. A trip on a hot air balloon, gift certificates for dinner and a movie […]


Turning up the heat on Holiday Hurray!

Holiday Hurray! Day 20   So very lovely and romantic! Make sure to explore the Etsy page this is from she also makes some adorable mittens! A funny side note.. I was admiring the models lipstick.. I looked closer.. it’s a mannequin! Check out Pasin’s homemade products!!   Heads up designers! This is just super cool, funky and… designery.. Fine […]


Holiday Hurray ~ Sharp objects, booze, arts and crafts.. Oh MY!!

Holiday Hurray Days 17, 18 & 19! Need a perfect hostess gift? This is it. If you bring this bottle of wine guarenteed who ever gets it won’t be scrtaching there heads wondering which guest brought which bottle of wine!  Yours will stand out! Winemakers notes: Ripe black cherry and raspberry aromas. Round upon entry in the mouth, excellent balance. […]


Sassy and Sweet

Holiday Hurray Day 16 Sassy! If you have a rock star in your world this is for her! The jewelry line is handmade from reclaimed wood + leather offcuts; material that would normally been thrown to waste from local manufacturers. See more: Dominic Desgin   Now a little closer to home…   This is Brainy Bee Okanagan Meadows Wildflower Honey! […]


Meet Squishy and his friend Mary!

Holiday Hurray ~ Day 14 I am just SO impressed with some people. They come up with the COOLEST stuff at a price that is TOTALLY affordable! *LOVE THIS* I have named him “Squishy!” Darling Squawk Fox is at it again! Gifts in a Jar: 12 gift ideas for under 15 bucks!   Christmas is a religious holiday? Right? Sometimes […]