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52NEW ~ Powerlifting. Who would think I could pick up 270lbs?

On July 9th I participated in my very first Powerlifting Competition, it took place during the Okanagan Strength weekend being put on by Naturally Fit and Predator Barbell. I met some very nice and very strong people! Must of us are unaware that we have world, national and regional champions right here in the Okanagan.  I had the privilege to […]


52NEW: Tu Tu Hot For You!

I managed to scratch a few things of my 52NEW list in one day! This weekend I participated in the “City Chase” which involved a series of challenges all over the city and the only way you could get to them was on foot or by transit. I raced with Ian Mackinnon. Ian. Is. Awesome.  I have always wanted to […]


52NEW ~ Morning person no longer…

I didn’t expect to put my thesis to the test so soon. Here was post 1. Explaining what 52NEW was all about: Life can toss you curve balls on occasion, and those curve balls can sometimes clock you in the head and leave you on the ground and gasping for air. Not fun. That is when the “who” you are […]


52NEW ~ It’s all about LOVE!

What isn’t to love about love? I can feel the dirty look coming my way from some, and the hopeless romantics swooning! The is week on 52NEW we talk heart, flowers and asking the big question; Will you marry me! My job has plenty of cool perks including, concert tickets, sporting events, gala’s, meeting awesome people, and on occasion helping […]