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My XL Life

I am back on a bike! 70 pounds heavier and 10 years older than the last time, but I am back. Goal: Tour De Victoria — Chosen Distance: 100k Tour De Victoria is not a race, it is a tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride, it has 7 distances available and is a […]


Look who turned 49!

  I am calling 49 my “good-bye” year as I gear up to say “hello” to 50 and all that this stage of life has to offer! So I made a list. This list is the top 49 lessons of the last 49 years. I didn’t include a few big ones like learning to walk, potty training and speech.. but […]


It seems like a good idea..

It’s happened. That thing so many of us talks about… What YOU would do if you were the boss. Holy crap. I’m the boss. Come the spring I will be the new Program Director at Q103.1 (as long as I don’t do anything too too horrible) This means I am in the process of hiring a new team.   I […]


Ten Good Things That Happened (So Far) This Year

Ten Good Things That Happened This Year Someone posted a huge list of GOOD things that have happened in the world this year.  So if you’re sick of all the negativity, here are ten things from the list that are pretty amazing . . . 1.  Scientists may have found the gene responsible for ALS.  And funding for the study […]