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No more secrets

I was spoiled on my 49th birthday in the most lovely way! Robin Farrell who does the morning show on Ocean 98.5 arrange a surprise trip to MD Esthetics (who she endorses) so I could have some treatments as a birthday gift, plus get started on a fantastic skin care plan. It wasn’t about desperately trying to look younger, it […]


Look who turned 49!

  I am calling 49 my “good-bye” year as I gear up to say “hello” to 50 and all that this stage of life has to offer! So I made a list. This list is the top 49 lessons of the last 49 years. I didn’t include a few big ones like learning to walk, potty training and speech.. but […]


Rocks in that jelly!

    Fat loss is such a pain in the ass. I have tackled this issue head on and hired some help for the process. At this point in involves weekly measurments with calipers – oh joy. I tend to make small jokes while this delightful process is on the go. Today while the calipers were clasped on my ample […]


Not Gonna Happen

Today I tweeted: Sometimes the “Yes You Can’s” turn into “Not Gonna Happens.” Your job is to find peace with that and live live to the fullest.  Apparently I have a few issues. I woke up this morning to a pretty cool realization, I traded in a few goals/dreams in order to make other goals/dreams bigger and better. Some of […]