What Really??

I found out this weekend what gift has been selling out and has people scrambling to find for under the tree…

I admit.. it’s a bit of a head shaker..

selfie stick


That is a “selfie stick” while I may mock the whole idea, it is pretty handy for group shots and other creative fun ideas. Plus if you have a friend that is selfie crazy it’s a homourus gag gift.  The girl at the kiosk in the mall said the demand has been simply insane and they keep reordering as they sell out over and over and over.. for 40 bucks you to can have a selfie stick.. FYI: They come in a selection of fun colours!


Onto something a little more refined…


I popped into POSH over the weekend to find some Pandora charms for under the tree and found Pyrrha pendants. #sostunning All the rage with celebrities at the moment, but Kate knew 10 years ago when she first started carring the line that is was something pretty special!



This handcrafted talisman necklace reads ‘Fortem Posce Animum’ in Latin, which means ‘Courage to Challenge Life’. The hand holding the laurel leaves symbolizes the spirit’s triumph over adversity.

So many different pieces for him or her with touchstone design and meaning. If you are looking for a super special meaningful gift.. this could be it!