Dear friend afraid of failing,

First let me say. I love you. You are fierce and strong, determined and beautiful! You have made a choice to do a few thing differently in your life with the final outcome being a happier and healthier you. You know HOW, you just have to start.

You confessed to me that you are afraid to start, because you are afraid that you will fail, again.

I hear you loud and clear! That fear haunts us all in one way or another. This fear impacts all aspects of life but because you have set your sites on eating healthier and sweating more let’s focus on that.

People love to say “feel the fear and do it anyway.” I agree, but sometimes I think what you need to do is “honour” the fear. Acknowledge that your fear is simply a defense mechanism your soul is using to keep you safe.


Take the time to look at the fear, pick it up and shake it! What is it really saying? When you say “fear of failure” do you mean fear that you won’t make your goals, that people won’t support you, that perhaps your goals are not achievable within the time frame you have laid out?

Consider that you are not afraid of failure but afraid to admit, that you are not ready yet to make the changes required to reach your goals.

Once you are clear on what your fear is, it will be easier to tackle.

Know this one simple truth. If you seek help from a professional on how to reach your goal, and you do what the professional says. You will reach your goal. There will be bumps in the road and adjustments to be made, but if you do what you need to, It will work.

Truthful “fear of failure” in this regard is such a broad statement. My biggest fear on my health journey is fear that I won’t value myself long term enough to make the right choices in the short term. I just keep repeating to myself that “it” matters; Why? Because “I” matter.

My friend, that is what you need to remember to beat this fear. YOU matter. Even if you are at a stage of life when you feel like you don’t matter to anyone in your world, there is one person that you matter to always.. YOU. Past, present and future YOU. YOU all matter.

Extra reading.

I’m going head to head with my fears about getting back on track health wise and hitting goals in the powerlifting world at Aspire Health and Performance. If you are looking for an expert to help you I highly encourage you to contact them and find out more. Stop Working Out. Start Training.

Psssst… You also matter to ME. Very much. xx