steveandII am a lucky gal.. a fabulous husband who in many ways is my best friend. I have friends that are envious of the relationship I have, and I don’t blame them!

But here is a secret. We STINK at Valentines Day. Actually we kind of stink at romance in general. It just worked out that way. There is no shortage of the little things, holding hands, snuggles, and “I Love You’s” but we fail at the grand gestures. I think both of us would like to do more in the “romance” category.. we are just kind of stuck.

Every couple has something they need to work on!

Does this mean I don’t like Valentine’s Day because it’s always been something of a non event in my life? Good grief NO!


People really get their knickers in a knot about Valentines Day. I find it odd. A day to celebrate love.. commercial or not.. single or not… give a nod to the spirit of the heart and do what you will.. but don’t take away the fun from the people that embrace it.

I recently read this post on Facebook:

“I am NOT into Valentines Day fan because “I” believe you should love 365 days a year. Valentines Day is a marketing money grab as far as I am concerned. What I will do is tell the ones I love – I LOVE YOU! ️ like I do every other day!”

It is probably the tamest anti Valentines Day post I saw. All I could think was,  get off your high horse pull the stick out of your butt and have some fun! Good for you that you celebrate love everyday, the luckiest amongst us do.. but why not have a special day for that emotion/energy that makes the best in the world go round? It is only as commercial as YOU choose to make it.

This morning on Up! 97.7  we had a truly wonderful Valentine’s Day moment.   Kristy say’s YES!

Will I have flowers tonight? Probably not, A special dinner? Perhaps.. oh wait that would require reservations… so no. Jewels? Not this year. Will I miss them? No.  Do I begrudge someone else having the experience? NO! Fill your boots! Make googly eyes at each other and enjoy!

Much love to you and yours! Happy Valentines Day! xx

P.S. Please note I could write an entire blog on how doing the Valentine’s Day cards are good for kids and high maintenance demanding Valentine’s Day tyrants need help..  but I thought it best to keep focused.  😉