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Just to drive the point home…

Dear SHC, OK. I GET IT. (Mostly) On buzz feed today I came across how many calories athletes eat while training. It’s pretty amazing. Check out Elif Jale Yesilirmak.  She is a wrestler and packs away 3,000 Calories A Day!   Look at what is on that table! A mix of ALL food groups and categories! LOOK at how tiny […]


I have had it with number obession.

Math has never been a strong suit but this has nothing to do with math and everything to do with scales and clothing sizes. Often, when trying to be all “healthy” and show off our great attitude we will say.. “it’s not the number on the scale that matters, it’s the size of the clothes!” Righttttttttt… in some way that does […]


Food for this week…

Basically I am looking at 541g of carbs in a day and 118 g of Protein. Here is how that breaks down for food on Monday.. and a basic plan for the rest of the week with some shifting around on lifting days. Meal 1:   117 g of carbs / 24.7g of Protein 2cups of oatmeal 1 Banana 1 […]