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Surf4Smiles ~ 135KM for a great cause!

So tomorrow is the big day. What was I thinking? Answer: I was thinking a few things. This whole idea started because I wanted to celebrate my shift at SUN FM changing from just doing mornings in Kelowna to doing midays which is heard in Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton. The thing all these communities have in common, besides geography is […]


Good Will & Ego

  We have all heard the phrase, “Pay it forward.” Do something good for someone and help the love/goodness/joy/charity move forward. LOVE THIS CONCEPT! Here is where I think it gets derailed; When you tell someone to do it! Doing good things for other people is wonderful! Perhaps you plug a meter, buy someone a coffee, or help carry groceries […]


I didn’t want this to turn into a shopping blog, but…

I will get back to my regularly scheduled rants and ramblings at some point,  until that time… HOW CUTE IS THIS! I know a certain cheeseburger lover that might find this just too funny… Cough Cough Sonia Sidhu Cough Cough Even better, this super cute charm necklace is made by a Kelowna girl! Shop Local ~ even online! Take a […]


52NEW ~ 2010 Reflection!

Life is full of wonderful things! This week on 52NEW, in honour of the New Year, I am taking the time to reflect back on the past year and the 52 things, people, places or businesses that have impacted my life for the better and forced me to learn new things about myself. Growth is exhilarating and can often be […]


Harvey – Review!

Harvey Directed by Randy Leslie Written by Mary Chase Kelowna Actors Studio October 7 – October 31st Thursday – Sunday evenings with a Saturday Matinee Tickets at the Ellis Box Office or online Everyone needs a pooka! I remember the first time I stumbled upon the movie “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart. It was on late, really late, and I […]