So I do cardio in the mornings at my little gym at the condo. I walk up a hill and read a book on my iPad, it keeps me focused, moving and helps pass the time without me going crazy. (Currently I am reading ” The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer.)

It can be a fascinating space. No music piped in, people come and go at different levels of fitness and dedication. Usually people keep to themselves and respect each others personal space. It almost has a meditative feel to it. It’s a great way to start my day.


I am treading away on the mill when this woman arrives, I vaguely hear her arrive; you almost sense more then see another person joining you in that space. I am aware it’s a woman and she is doing bicep curls. (At this point I always want to shout, “I’m not just fat, I am a powerlifter, I can squat a million pounds” but that is a blog on insecurities for another time.) Suddenly I become very aware of her.


At first I think she is just getting her earbuds organized and my meditative silence space will return.


She is listening to music on her phone. She has that horrible tinny sound cranked as much as she can while she stares in the mirror with a fierce look on her face. I have 20 minutes to go on my uphill climb and try to refocus on my book.


The music isn’t bad, but the disrespectfulness of it just infuriates me. She didn’t even say, “hey, do you mind if I turn on some tunes?” To which I probable would of said, “sure go right ahead.” It isn’t the sound that is blocking my focus, it is the rudeness. I could of ask her to turn down the music or turn it off, but honesty I don’t think that would of helped my focus.

I ended up cutting my walk short and perhaps mumbled something under my breath as I left (which she wouldn’t of heard over the tinny iphone beat) I spent the elevator ride back up thinking about a weight dropping on her foot.

Really this is on me. I let someone else’s behaviour effect what I needed to do.

Someday’s that is just how it goes..

Figuring out basic gym etiquette is pretty straight forward, just ask yourself; how will what I am doing effect everyone else, and care about the answer.

Perhaps I should of just tried this:


This is a solid list to take a look at if you need more info. #20 is a big one. If you can pick up the weight you can put it down. A little control is a good thing! –> Gym Etiquette