The Heart of an Olympian

As I continue on my quest to try different Summer Olympic sports, at the same time I am gearing up for APU Provincial Championships that will qualify me for CPU Nationals in 2013 and also The 100% RAW “World” Championships in Las Vegas coming up in November.

The Provincials are on July 14th in Medicine Hat. I am heading into that time where I determine what my 1 rep max is and start to taper.

Thus far in many ways this is the hardest part of my journey. My mind is going non stop and it isn’t all positive self talk! My sub consience has turned on me and keeps wonder what in the blazes I think I am doing.

The lovely voice of my trainer at The Athlete Factory, Michele Helmeczi is also in there, reminding me that the up coming meet is part of a larger process.. and my one and only goal is to qualify for nationals, every thing else will be gravy. (as if gravy is on my diet!)

So while I have blogs planned for Equstrian, Canoe, Tai Kwan Do and perhaps Fencing today it is about the mind of an elite athlete.

Karen Allison who has worked with elite level athletes to develop and maintain the focus required told me that an athlete that has the fitness level required can visualize the skills  and fire the muscles without “physically” doing the actions, hence why many athletes are able to come back from injury and compete again so quickly.

FOCUS also allows you to do what this gymnast did in the 2012 Olympic trials.. yes the fall is scary, but right after she got up and nailed her routine!

Karen was wonderful to talk to and had some great ideas that will help athlete’s at any level! Here is what she had to say when we had a chat this afternoon…

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