As someone who has focused on powerlifting training for the last 5 years or so, the thought of doing reps of more than 5 makes me want to vomit.

Low weight high reps? Give me a break!

Well… when you start with a new trainer, especially when you have done your research and know the fit is right, you have to shut off the older voices in your head and embrace the new plan.


The last few Friday’s  I have completed 4 sets of 15 front squats and 15 Romanian deadlifts. I have no idea how I am still here to tell the tale. Following that last Friday I also did another circuit that words can not do justice.

My goals are slightly different at this point (even though I have signed up for a Powerlifting meet the end of July) so the training is different. Sometimes I don’t skip into the gym with great glee, sometimes I am exhausted, frustrated and have other things on my mind but I always leave the gym feeling inspired, determined and satisfied that another step has been taken in the right direction of where I want to go.

As promised… here is further proof that it isn’t always pretty but I am getting it done.

Wanna come play with me? I love all the friendly faces I am seeing 🙂 Join me at Aspire Health and Performance. Stop Working Out. Start Training.