Motivation is for the weak

“MotivationMotivation is for the weak.

I read that delightful statement on someone’s facebook status last week. My first response involved enough eye rolling for my husband to ask what I was reading.  The statement stayed with me for another day or two and was murmured by my sub conscious enough that I sat down and had a little think about it.

Motivation is for the weak.

For me it had a ring of truth. Off and on over the years I have done what people call “motivational” speaking. The title never sat well with me because I didn’t want to motivated the unmotivated, I always want to help direct the already motivated. To be someone’s motivation is a huge responsibility and one that I have never felt comfortable with, too much room to seriously disappoint someone!

Motivation is for the weak.

Still something was troubling me because that statement felt so wrong. What was I missing? Where does motivation truly come from? Motivation comes from our weakness. It is our weakness of body or soul that motivates us to move on, pick up, grow, change and pursue what we want, if what we want is more than that perceived weakness.  Weakness is not really a negative or positive trait.  We choose if we want to change a weakness or focus on a positive. Sometimes the answer is a bit of both, it all depends on where we are in our journey. A weakness is just that; a weakness. We give it power, weakness doesn’t give or take from who we are. It just is.

All motivation comes from weakness.

That sits better with me, but again the thought isn’t complete. We live in a time where we are inundated with pictures and messages, often together. People turn to “fitspiration” for motivation. External motivation from a source that might not even represent the truth of what is achievable.  You can read more about that from REEMBODY, also from Everyday Feminism and Beauty Redefined.

As I ponder all these thoughts I scroll past a post that reads: I am my motivation.

That rings true!  I AM MY MOTIVATION!

It takes the arrogance out of “motivation is for the weak” acknowledges that we all need motivation but speaks the truth because the best motivation can only come from one place, from within you. Sometimes we just have to dig a bit deeper to find it.