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Motivation is for the weak

Motivation is for the weak. I read that delightful statement on someone’s facebook status last week. My first response involved enough eye rolling for my husband to ask what I was reading.  The statement stayed with me for another day or two and was murmured by my sub conscious enough that I sat down and had a little think about […]


Today I was naked with a sex bomb.

Change rooms can be intimidating. Change rooms at a gym that trains elite athletes from a variety of different sports even more so. At The Athlete Factory I have shared the change room with swimmers, tennis players, figure skaters, golfers, yogi’s, rugby players and fitness models. Including this super sexy woman: Meet Deanne Greff Wbff Pro   About the only […]


That dream of yours? Not gonna happen.

This blog is the outcome of too many inspirational quotes posted on facebook and from reading too many cheesy motivational speaker blogs. Where would the world be without dreamers? Follow your dream, that is the way to true happiness! Even Walt Disney said; “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Hey, I’m not going […]