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Favourite Things 2014

Its become a bit of a tradition, leading up to Christmas I indulge and share with you some of my favourite gift ideas; yes, this was inspired by a slightly bigger celebrity than I.  This year when I post I am going to share 2 ideas on different ends of the budget spectrum. On the upper end of the budget, […]


Cupid requests that you get over yourself

  I am a lucky gal.. a fabulous husband who in many ways is my best friend. I have friends that are envious of the relationship I have, and I don’t blame them! But here is a secret. We STINK at Valentines Day. Actually we kind of stink at romance in general. It just worked out that way. There is […]


Well hello 2014.. here is what I pledge to you

Resolutions are a pain in the butt. I know plenty of people who say yearly resolutions don’t work or doing them once a year is a set up for failure, but I don’t think so. I think we tend to attack them in ginormous chunks, so either our resolutions are too broad with no specific goals; Example: In 2014 I […]


Day 18 ~ Christmas Countdown of my Favourite Things

When you think marshmallow chances are good you are thinking of the bags you buy at the grocery store. Something like this: Well my friends, let me tell you a secret. While the above marshmallow is perhaps great around the campfire.. or for firing from a marshmallow gun. Yes, those are real. There is another wonderful “Marshmallow World.” … and […]