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Drive for 45

She’s Back!

So moving to a new city and just trying to continue with life as if nothing major has happened, doesn’t really work. Who knew? Something had to give and it turned out it was my blog. The good news is that my break from blogging allowed me to get some “life” things done and reflect on what I wanted to […]


Let’s run!

I have done my share of run clinics, but I have never mastered any joy in running. The funny above made me laugh because if push came to shove I would have to turn and fight I wouldn’t be out running anything or anyone. If the zombies ever attack you will want me around.. I will be excellent distraction while […]


I promise

As I head towards my 45th birthday and strive to hit midlife with all my ducks in row; physically, emotionally and otherwise I have come to realize a few things. Here is one of them. “Before and After” pictures piss me off. Seriously. I find them demotivating and don’t really believe them. We all know that in print and TV […]


Running away to join the Circus!

Steve and I have decide that at least once a week we are going to make a point of experiencing something new. This week we have 2 events lined up, the first one was last night and it was wonderful! We ran away to the circus! Actually, we took the C-train.. but you get the point. Cirque du Soleil was […]


Weigh in #1

I stood on the scale today. Why? I have a weight category I want to be in at the Powerlifting Nationals in 2014. Let’s just say.. I have put on a TON of muscle… Yeah, that’s it.  BTW: I PROMISE this blog won’t all be about weight, but it’s part of my journey so therefor it’s going to be part of the […]



OK.. before I get into the sprinting stuff just an FYI: Thursday morning I woke up and my inner 13 year old was screaming, pissed off and irrational, all be it for a good reason. I promise a blog on that bit of fun later.    Now my “Sprint Mechanics Session” with the lovely Valentina Romanov. (Great name eh?) I was […]