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Let them eat SOUP!

Some days you just know that you have flat out over indulged. You want to keep things in check… but you also know it’s important to eat and let’s face it; even if you stuffed your self at lunch chances are good around dinner you are still thinking about eating. My friend Karla sent me this great recipe for a […]


Turducken or bust!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays!  While it has a lot of tradition associated with it the holiday feels more fluid without the same intense pressure of Christmas.  As a radio personality much of my adult life has been spent working this holiday and being surrounded by Thanksgiving orphans.  Wherever I was in life the door was always open […]


Fast, Healthy, and YUMMY! Yes Please!

I came across a recipe for wraps. It appeared pretty straight forward, brown rice, yam, black beans, salsa and avocado. Truthfully I didn’t hold out much hope for this to be a fabulous wrap.. but it fit my food requirements and seemed easy enough. Good News. Seriously AWESOME! Here are the specifics: 1.5 cups short grain brown rice 1/2 cup […]